Promote, educate, and foster the well-beings for ALL

physically. emotionally. mentally. spiritually.

Our Koncept

Wells Konsulting is derived from the character 康(kon) in Mandarin, which means wellness in health, peace, and wealth.  We are here to help you achieve your next level of well-being!

The Founder.

Ms. Wendy Kang (康 pronounced kon) is passionate about the well-being of children and the adults around them.  She has extensive experience in curriculum design and as a workshop facilitator.

Teacher, Mother, Volunteer, Pranic Healer, MCKS Arhatic Yoga Practitioner.

Joyful You!

Join us for an engaging mindfulness workshop to bring more JOY to you, your home, your work, and your life.  Apply proven techniques to bring you better health, emotions, and clarity.

Just for You!

Customized sessions and projects to benefit your well-being or your community.


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